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Maison Al Hambra

Amberley Loving Eau de Parfum (Unisex)

Amberley Loving Eau de Parfum (Unisex)

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Amberley Amoroso painted cold days like an exotic flower in bright rainbow colors. It has a sense of expression and a special rhythm that allowed its creators to draw a parallel with a dance to the sound of tom-toms in a small clearing among the lush southern greenery. The air is permeated with pure and fresh tones of sunny pineapple: his solo rises above a heady smoky interweaving of patchouli and benzoin notes. A dense mist swirled around his feet, and every step shook him like a fluffy feather bed. Soft background lighting of creamy vanilla tones gives the whole composition a futuristic character: a piece of jungle and eternal summer between endless, cosmic-scale, snow-covered plains is tempting like a mirage in the desert.


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Care Instructions

Store your perfumes in a closed cabinet in a relatively cool bedroom. Places where you should definitely not store your perfumes: hot cars (glove box), in direct sunlight or a window sill, or hot, fluctuating bathrooms with heat

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